New style ruffles few feathers

For decades, teen have expressed themselves through hair styles. Hair dye has been a big hit ever since the style started a couple decades ago, but recently a new trend — feathers — began to be seen on all types of people from celebrities, models, and even on students on our campus. Although policies govern what we can do with our hair on school campus, feathers seem to fall within the acceptable range.

“I understand easily how [your hair] can go from a red tint to too much,” said science teacher Mary Michaels, who wears a feather in her hair. “I don’t think feathers stand out, and I feel they are a new way to express yourself. They’re not overboard, but they’re fun.”

Junior Rachel Kershaw, on the other hand, finds feathers less-than-stimulating.

“I’m not a huge fan of them because I feel like everyone has them,” she said. “ The infomercials that advertise them make them look really tacky. They were cool at first, but now I’m over them.”

According to the school dress code jewelry or accessories that pose a safety concern for the student or others are prohibited along with extreme hairstyles or colors. So far, feathers have not been an issue.

“I just think if you keep it pretty and nice and don’t go too overboard, then they should be fine,” Michaels said.

By Kayley Lew