New mosaics decorate media center courtyard

Morgan Miller, Staff Writer

The media center courtyard is sporting a more artistic look these days. National English Honor Society and National Art Honor Society collaborated to create a mosaic which was installed on Aug. 29 next to the chess board outside the library.

“For a while, I didn’t think it was going to happen,” last year’s NEHS president Cindy Thaung said. “When I first saw the mosaic hung up, I was suspended in disbelief.”

Members of NEHS and NAHS started creating tiles that feature quotes by famous literary figures last fall. Victoria Heuston, current president of NAHS, and Thaung incorporated them into a mosaic which they call “a panorama of day and night.”

“We wanted to give art and English more of a voice at the school,” Thaung said.

Art teacher Annamarie Zink guided students in creating the mosaic. Georgia Carpeting, Pat Jotkof and other local businesses donated materials.

“We wanted to beautify the school,” Heuston said. “I feel like this mosaic can help bring an artistic atmosphere.”

By Morgan Miller