NAHS working on AC art

The National Art Honor Society has begun making a painted covering to enclose the fence around the air conditioning unit behind Building 5. NAHS has been making an effort to find more places to do beautification projects around the campus.

“We were tired of looking at that ugly A.C. area back there, and we noticed that around the rest of the school they have new enclosures and they just kind of forgot about the one back here. That initiated the quest for beautification,” said art teacher and NAHS supervisor Annamarie Zink.

Club members have been meeting after school to work on the project which should be completed in the next few weeks and installed on the fence.

“The art installation will make the school more aesthetically pleasing and will show the school how much of a cooperative club NAHS is,” NAHS historian Sarah Kinsey said.

When this project is completed, NAHS plans to continue making more beautiful additions to the campus.

“They will because they love making art, and they’re looking for a place to put it,” Zink said.

By Maegan Muir