Middle-schoolers rehearse for play

Preparation for the middle-school play, “Gus’s Low Budget Horrific Extravaganza,” began last week, and director Carrie Glass is looking forward to the Nov. 10 performance in the school auditorium.

“We chose a series of short sketches from different authors,” she said.

Middle-school drama students have even written parts of the play, including the narrator’s dialogue and “in-between” scenes.

Alyssa F., a seventh-grader who plays Lydia, said she thinks it’s cool to have so many skits in one play.

Eighth-grader Sam N., who plays Les, agrees.

“It’s good for aspiring young stars,” he said.

Eighth-grader Micah H. said he thinks this play will be good because it’s funny throughout the skits. However, he thinks it will be a little worse than the previous plays he’s participated in at West Shore because they have only two weeks to prepare.

Sam N., on the other hand, said he thinks the play will be equal, if not greater than their previous middle school play: “The Worst Middle School Play in the World.”

Alyssa F. said changes in practice methods will help.

“We don’t have much time to practice,” she said. “But we have had rehearsal every day, so it’s going to go better because we’re getting things done efficiently.”

Glass said they’re preparing by repeatedly practicing the skits as many times as they can.

According to Glass the auditions went  smoothly, and she is excited by the number of students interested in being in the performance. She also had to add two more skits in order to accommodate all the students that tried out.

“We have amazingly talented middle-schoolers this year,” she said.

Three cast members took part in a program at the Henegar Center over the summer, and two boys, including Nick S., performed in “Aladdin” there last week.

Because Glass has worked with many of the eighth-graders before, she expects the maturity gained in real-life will show in their performances, and that they will mentor the newer students.

“Energy, lots and lots of energy,” Glass said about what she wants from the seventh-graders.

Sam N. said he’s certain the play will be fun and the performances will be strong.

“I think the show will be an enjoyable experience for performers and the audience,” he said. “I know I’m having a great time.”

By Emily Dubec-Hunter

Editor’s Note: Brevard Public School policy prohibits the use of middle-school student names on its websites.