Make winter statement with scarves

As we say goodbye to warm weather and adjust to the coolness of winter, our clothes are also changing. The cuteness of summer clothing does not have to go away with the higher temperatures, but it can stay if you accessorize a little with scarves.

“Scarves are perfect for winter time,” sophomore Christine Sherry said. “They make your outfit complete while keeping you warm at the same time.”

Popular around campus and in high-end fashion magazines, scarves come in all different colors and patterns, so most every girl is destined to find one that fits her sense of style.

“I own about four or five,” freshman Yasemen Turkmen said. “They’re really cute and fun to wear.”

Although Florida is hot almost all year round, now is the perfect time to wear them. With temperatures dropping quickly as the winter season approaches, cute accessories to compliment winter outfits are needed.

By Kayley Lew