Literary magazine sells out

Those looking for a copy of the school’s current “Alter Ego” literary magazine are out of luck. This year’s edition, “Opulence” has sold out.

“We’ve never sold out in previous years,” said junior Brittany Cho, the magazine’s editor in chief. “There are always at least 20 copies left over.”

Senior Cindy Thaung was surprised the magazine sold so fast.

“I wasn’t expecting such a quick response at all,” she said. “But it’s not all that surprising in retrospect since this year had an incredibly organized sales approach and the tasks were evenly delegated.”

The success of the magazine has been attributed to several factors.

“We finished earlier than last year, which gave us more time to publicize the magazine, we had a wider window of opportunity to sell and distribute with more staff members and we also had a more conscious effort to include more artists and writers, broadening our demographic,” Thaung said. “And of course, the aesthetic for ‘Opulence’ was pretty dope if I do say so myself.”

“This is the best magazine we’ve ever printed. We featured over 50 artists and writers as well as completely restructuring the magazine,” Cho said. “I think these big changes really make a difference.”

Cho said she’s already planning for next year’s literary magazine.

“I’d like to increase from 80 pages to over 100 and conduct a lot more fundraisers,” she said.

She said she remains amazed the magazine has sold out.

“It was the best feeling in the world,” Cho said. “I never thought this day would come. I think we’ve come a long way.”

By Sara-Renee Weatherby