Literary magazine seeks submissions

Alter Ego, the school’s literary magazine, is looking for writing and art submissions.

The literature magazine was begun in 2001 as a middle-school magazine and was run by English teacher Lisa Rehm. The magazine became a club in 2002, when it was also given its name, and was headed by Rehm until December 2005.

“I think it’s really important because it is a real writing opportunity for an award-winning publication,” Rehm said, “Not to mention how cool it is to say that you’re a published author.”

Literature submissions can be given to sponsor Mark Schledorn in Room 3-104, emailed to [email protected], or given to English teachers. Art submissions should be given to art teacher Annamarie Zink, editor in chief Brittany Cho or Schledorn.

“We want to increase the size of the magazine this year,’ Cho said, “so we need almost 100 submissions.”

All submissions are due by March 15.

By Sara-Renee Weatherby