‘Just Dance’ contest set for tonight

Felicia Solazzo, Staff Writer

Student Government Association will play host to the second annual “Just Dance” fundraiser tonight in the auditorium from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

“It will be a fun and exciting event for those who attend,” junior Keiran Sheridan, SGA secretary, said. “Also, it is a great opportunity for new students to meet and bond with their peers.”

Teams may consist of students from any grade level and can have up to four members. Each team member must pay $5 to enter the contest. Students can purchase tickets at the door for $4. Profits will go toward the Sept. 22 Homecoming dance.

“Since SGA is responsible for putting on Homecoming, we need funds to pay for the venue, DJ, decorations, food and any other expenses,” Sheridan said. “The more money we are able to raise at the fund-raiser, the more options we have when purchasing items for the dance.”

Social science teacher Jim Pustay, math teacher Susan Orton and chemistry teacher Delilah Narvaez have agreed to judge the teams at the event.

“They will be judging the contestants on performance, score and costumes,” Sheridan said. “The teams are able to win in each of these categories, and the winning teams will be awarded movie theater tickets to the Oaks.”

Little money is required for hosting the Just Dance fundraiser, making it more profitable for the association.

“Most, if not all, of the things that are sold are provided by parents, it is at school and there is no cost with the venue, and SGA members supply most of the equipment that is needed to put it on,” Bob Sarver, SGA sponsor, said. “So in short, there is not a lot of expense associated with putting it on.”

In addition to benefiting financially from the Just Dance fundraiser, Student Government members will learn to work with each other to successfully execute a planned event.

“[The fund-raiser] is a way for SGA to get the year started with something hopefully fun for the rest of the school, and I think it helps SGA work more as a cohesive group towards other events for the rest of the year,” Sarver said..

As a result of the effort already displayed by Student Government members two weeks into the new school year, Sarver remains optimistic for the club’s future.

“It will be a busy year for them, and it is already starting out very well,” he said. “We haven’t had an official meeting yet, and they are already very active and busy planning things for the rest of the year.”