Gaming 2016: The good, the bad and the ugly


Billy Macom, Staff Writer

THE GOOD – Sony revealed the next game in the “God of War” franchise during its recent conference at E3. Up until this point “God of War” games have only had the main protagonist, Kratos, fighting ancient Greek gods. The new game seems to be somewhat of a reboot, with Kratos fighting Norse gods from a behind the back, third-person perspective. The new camera angle mirrors that of popular titles like “The Last of Us,” which might mean that the game will be more focused on storytelling than action this time around. Regardless, the game appears to be something to look forward to.
THE BAD – “Destiny” was one of the most incomplete games to be released on PS4 and Xbox-one, and was basically unplayable without paying $50 for Playstation Plus on top of the $60 release price. The game felt solid after the third expansion pack, but that’s another $20 for each pack. People who bought the game from the start had to pay around $170 for the full experience. With the next expansion, the game is bound to be even better, but seriously, who would want to end up spending more than $120 to play all a game has to offer, only to see it on a GameStop shelf for a mere $40 around a year later.

no-mans-sky-black-holeTHE UGLY – “No Man’s Sky” has been insanely popular since its recent release, and for good reasons. The engine the game runs on randomly creates everything in the game — every animal, planet, star and asteroid. The graphics are stunning and as far as exploring games go, this is the largest game yet. Give hardcore gamers 1,000 lifetimes to play this game and they won’t even get close to exploring all it has to offer. The problem with “No Man’s Sky” is also what makes it so good: the engine. After playing the game for many hours, it becomes repetitive and boring. “No Man’s Sky” might not be able to offer gamers an experience worth playing over and over again. Because the generated worlds can get so repetitive, playing “No Man’s Sky” becomes more of a hit or miss situation. It might not be able to keep the interest of some gamers.