Dance team dazzles at first away game

The Purrfections dance team had yet another first this year when they performed at the 2A state semifinals soccer game at The Bolles School in Jacksonville on Feb. 10.

The Purrfections are the only dance team in the county who perform at soccer games and this was the first time the squad had performed at an away game.

“It was great that the Bolles High School let us perform on their home turf,” junior Stephanie Shaw said. “We got lots of compliments from our school and the other team’s fans.”

The dance team traveled to the game on the fan bus with the other excited fans.

“Dancing at this game was lots of fun,” freshman Erin Sheridan said. “And it was a great way to show our spirit at another school.”

West Shore fans outnumbered Bolles fans, and sophomore Monty Karas said she enjoyed the dance performance.

“Everyone on dance team was very uniformed,” she said. “I am sure they impressed the other team.”

Florida High School Athletics Association policy prohibits the dance team from performing at tonight’s state finals,  but the team will be there to cheer on the boys against Berkeley Prep.

“I am happy to see the guys play a great game,” Sheridan said. “It will be pretty exciting.”

By Lauren Youngson