Club sells cranes, wishes for peace

Morgan Miller, Entertainment Editor

Members of Asian Culture Club are selling origami paper cranes during the next two weeks to raise money for the International Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The cranes sell for 25 cents and they are sold both individually and by strand.

“It was the collective idea of Brittney Cho and I, based Japanese folklore,” senior Cindy Thaung said. “It says that if you make 1,000 cranes, you get a wish. Our wish as a club is for world peace.”

People within the club and outside volunteers made the cranes over the span of a month.

“We felt like the International Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is a cause that underscores the real purpose of the club, which is to have worldly awareness,” Thaung said.

Anyone interested in purchasing cranes should talk to Asian Culture Club members or club sponsor Jeannie Griffin. Orders can also be made on the page for the event on Facebook, where people can request their number of orders and color.

“The paper cranes look nice individually, but they look even better when they are strung together,” Thaung said.