Chamber chorus to participate in Solo and Ensemble

Chamber Chorus will be performing for ratings at Solo and Ensemble on Friday at Viera High School.

In order to perform as an ensemble, the group cannot exceed 16 people. This is the second time the school’s chorus has been able to participate, according to director Amy Davis.

“I’ve only done it once before because we are a large ensemble,” Davis said. “After we perform, we get comments and rankings from the judge, who will work with the group and give advice. The last time we went, they performed very well. They would have earned a superior, but the music we ordered did not come in on time so we could only go for comments.”

Chorus members also have a chance to perform as soloists. Junior Tessa Smith participated as a soloist last year, and will perform solo on Saturday.

“Last year I got an ‘Excellent,’” Smith said. “I will be performing two songs on Saturday, and the songs have to contrast each other. After I sing them, I will work with the judge who will give me tips on how to improve. It’s definitely a lot more stressful performing a solo because if you mess up, the judge will hear you. He or she has the music in front of them. When you’re performing as an ensemble, if you personally mess up, you know that the other people in your group will cover for you momentarily.”

By Hannah Kent