California orchestra visits West Shore

The  Chamber and Symphonic orchestras hosted the Exchange Concert for College Park High School String and Symphony Orchestras from Pleasant Hills, CA. on Thursday night.

“We were contacted in the fall by a school from California who wanted to come to West Shore and take part in a concert. So they will come and rehearse and then have their two best orchestras play and our two best orchestras play,” orchestra director Maureen Fallon said.

The Chamber and Symphonic orchestras have been practicing and working all year for this event.

“The Chamber orchestra went to a Disney Festival about a month ago, so we are using the pieces from this performance and have been working on these for a few months,” Fallon said.

Sophomore Summer Rhodes said she and others in the orchestra have put hours of work and practice in for this event and they get to see their work pay off.

“I expect great things from tonight’s performance,” she said. “It’s a new experience to meet new people from across the country and hear them play since I have never heard another schools orchestra play before.”

By Matthew Volk