Bowl Cut gains popularity, gigs

Sophomore band students Luke Marzano, Laith Rukab and Oliver Grimes, along with Zach Browne from Melbourne High and David Creel from Satellite High formed a band called Bowl Cut at the end of summer. Bowl Cut’s proficiency at playing funk/rock music earned them gigs at Open Mike’s and Whiskey Beach Pub.

“Oliver, Laith, and I were in a combo for Solo and Ensemble last year for school and wanted to play rock so we found David  and Zach,” Marzano said. “We started jamming out and eventually found gigs to play at.”

Each of the musicians brings a particular vibe to the band.

“I play the piano, Luke plays the bass, Laith plays the saxophone, Zach Browne from Mel High plays the drums, and David Creel from Satty plays the guitar,” Grimes said.

As the band gained popularity, it began attracting more gig opportunities as well as a larger audience.

“We’ve been together for eight months and we are gaining more and more gigs about every two months,” Marzano said.

Grimes writes some band’s songs but other than that they perform covers from other musical artists.

“We’ve all been playing our instruments for a pretty long time, and we’re all good musicians,” Grimes said. “As I said we’re good and I want us all to get more gigs and start making recordings.”

By Casey Ahern