Band students triumph at All-County

Six band students from Wind Ensemble and Advanced Band are heading to the All-County band.

Three students from Advanced Band — flutist Jake B., horn player Nicholas S. and trumpeter Colin P. — made the All-County Middle School Band, consisting of the best band students from Brevard’s 16 middle schools.

Three students from Wind Ensemble — flutists Nicole Marmol and Ethan Miles and bass trombonist Robert Edmiston, all seniors — made the All-County High School Band, which is made up of students from Brevard’s 16 high schools.

Edmiston said he was surprised to find his his name on two different rosters.

“I was elated because I saw I made the [All-County] band and [All-County] orchestra,” he said.

The All-County orchestra committee chooses only the best musicians for its full orchestra setting, including string instruments such as violin and wind instruments such as trombone.

Earning a spot in the All-County band takes hard work, but it pays off, according to Marmol.

“I had to juggle a lot of activities,” she said. “I still managed to practice about five times a week. I’m happy I made it again.”

To try out for the All-County band, musicians must prepare themselves for a blind audition, in which the judge, a local music teacher, and the student cannot see each other. The audition calls for playing musical scales, a prepared excerpt and a sight-reading piece.

Marmol and Edmiston say they no longer are intimidated by auditions because they’ve gone through the process a number of times.

“It’s similar to the All-State audition,” Marmol said. “I was scared for a while, but doing auditions every year help me not to be worried.”

“[The audition] wasn’t that bad.” Edmiston said. “I wasn’t that worried because I have done it before.”

Two of the six students who earned All-County honors were selected as the first chair of their sections: Colin P., on middle school trumpet, and Edmiston on high school bass trombone.

By Katie Garwood

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on its websites.