Band concert slated for May 11

The school band is preparing for its spring concert scheduled to be held May 11 in Eau Gallie High School’s auditorium.

The Wind Ensemble will be performing three songs: “Within the Castle Walls,” “Vesuvius” and “John Williams in Concert.”  “Within the Castle Walls” is an arrangement of various Irish tunes. “John Williams in Concert” includes music from the movies “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” “Star Wars” and “Jaws,” along with the NBC Nightly News theme song and the Olympics theme.

The Wind Ensemble played “Within the Castle Walls”at the statewide Music Performance Assessment, where it received an “excellent” rating. The band has been rehearsing for the concert since March.

“‘Vesuvius’ is the name of a volcano, and it’s supposed to emulate the sound of it erupting,” junior Brittany Bailer said.

Some of the songs, such as ‘Vesuvius,’ were fairly new to the band.

“When we first started rehearsing, it looked like a very difficult song, but now that we’re getting the hang of it, it’s sounding really cool,” junior Jace Petrowski said.

By Chanel Bailer