Ariana Grande’s new hit single faces backlash

Ariana Grande has been accused of copying Soulja Boy and Princess Nokia in her new single “7 Rings.” Senior Reinaldo Alers said that this could negatively impact the success of this song.

“It might become a setback since she did take lyrics from Princess Nokia and took Soulja Boy’s flow,” Alers said.

In addition to the similarities with Princess Nokia and Soulja Boy, Ariana Grande also appeared to have been influenced by the song “Favorite Things” from the musical “Sound of Music.” However, some fans didn’t enjoy this modern twist on the classic.

“I can’t stand it whatsoever. The original is about enjoying the simple things in life and having fun, Ariana Grande’s is about being rich and doing whatever she wants,” senior Tatiana Lugardo said. “It’s a setback [in her music]; don’t make modern, [bad] versions of classical masterpieces.”

“7 Rings” was released Jan. 18 and is currently no. 1 song on the global and U.S. Apple Music charts. In addition to this notable feat, this is also Ariana Grande’s third single in the past three months.

“I think she could be making an album with these songs instead of releasing them separately but I feel like she’s trying to almost distract people from ‘Sweetener’ now rather than let it just sit around and get insulted,” junior Alexis Vander said. “‘Sweetener’ overall was a flop and I think that’s why she’s been releasing new songs.”

Regardless of the controversies, accusations and conspiracies revolving around “7 Rings,” Ariana Grande is continuing to progress in her career.

By Victoria Skaggs