ANEW set to play at Battle of the Bands

A battle of the bands competition has been scheduled to be held in the school auditorium at 6 p.m. March 16 to raise money for Student Government. In addition, an ice cream social will take place during the competition’s intermission.

Student Government President Nick De La Hoz promises a special surprise performance and guest judges on campus for the contest.

“As of right now, ANEW will be performing at battle of the bands,” De La Hoz said. “And there is even another surprise after that.”

Alex Morency, who graduated from West Shore in 2010, plays bass for ANEW which is based in Tampa.

The bands will have to fill out an application and attach their lyrics to assure all songs are clean. The school will provide sound equipment if the band needs it.

SGA club sponsor Bob Sarver thinks the battle of the bands will be a success.

“Battle of the Bands gives students a chance to get up and do something,” Sarver said. “And its really going to bring in money for next year’s SGA committee.”

Next year’s Homecoming is going to be much earlier in the year and there will be little time to fundraise money for this event. That is why the battle of the bands/ ice cream social is important.

Tickets for both bands and audience members will cost $5 and will be sold for three weeks prior to the event.

By Brady Kelsey