‘America Day’ to include orchestra performance


Ashley Sanchez

Junior Alex Autenrieb \ and senior Richard Klenotich and perform at last fall’s Freedom Week celebration.

In addition to the multitude of red, white and blue outfits to be seen on campus Wednesday, the orchestra and band students will be putting on a special performance as well.

The students will perform patriotic tunes such as “Stars and Stripes Forever,” “American Gaelic” and “Blue-Fire Fiddle.” But unlike the usual orchestra performances, one piece, “Stars and Stripes Forever” will include select band students from the wind ensemble.

Senior Natalie Brown will conduct the full-orchestra, and said she expects it to be rewarding experience.

“It’s really fun and cool to create something,” Brown said. “When you can hear a change in the music and something sounds so right, it’s really cool.”

Brown added that although she enjoys leading the orchestra, she has had to overcome challenges with her conducting along the way.

“I’m not very coordinated, so I’ll end up getting off count because I get distracted easily,” Brown said. “I practice [conducting] in the shower, though.”

Junior cellist Hannah Penny said she enjoys the combination of strings and wind instruments that will be featured in “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

“We are so used to hearing one sound every day,” Penny said. “It’s  really an eye-opener to hear how a full-orchestra should sound. I enjoy playing with the band, though.”

Penny said she thinks the students sitting under the canopy will enjoy the change in atmosphere.

“I think the majority of the students will enjoy the music,” Penny said. “The music we are playing is upbeat so [the students] will have something to tap their foot to.”