Alcock makes plans for skim video

Senior Cole Alcock plans to make a skimboarding video featuring Brevard skimboarders during the summer

“I’ve always wanted to make a surf video,” Alcock said. “Whenever the surf is good, I can’t bring myself to skip out on surfing myself and stand on the beach. So instead I decided to make a skim video.”

Alcock plans to devote a majority of his vacation time on the project in hopes that the video and the featured skimboarders will get exposure.

“I want the video to try and go big, so I will film and work on it for a while over summer,” he said. “And I want to give skimmers a chance to go big in front of a camera knowing they will get a sick part in the video.”

The senior’s flexibility towards the video’s content allows a wide range of locations and athletes to be featured in it.

“I will shoot the video anywhere from the Sebastian Inlet to here, and I will include anyone who shows up and gives me their name,” Alcock said.

Senior Ankur Mehindru is enthusiastic about participating in Alcock’s project and said he hopes the video will allow him to reach the next level of skimboarding.

“I’m stoked for the video. The waves just need to get bigger,” he said. “I expect to get a sponsor with my skimboarding abilities.”

Skimboarders mostly look forward to taking part in an activity they enjoy doing in their spare time.

“It’s the best sport ever. Hands down,” Mehindru said.

By Liam Wixted