A Bloody Mess

English singer unimpressive.

British pop music has gained a reputation for being awful, with several music acts originating from TV music competitions. Though some groups have proven gifted, many seem devoid of any talent.  But English singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has mixed origins. She was lead singer of an indie band in the 90’s, but she was brought back into the spotlight recently after placing fourth on the TV show “Strictly Come Dancing.” Like her origins, her album Wanderlust is mixed.

“Young Blood” was the first single, and it baffles me why it was chosen. Say what you want about how bad the other songs are, but at least they’re kind of interesting. This song is just boring. The whole song has the same dreary tone; I’m constantly waiting for a boom of energy that never comes. A song describing how love makes you feel young should be exciting, full of life. “Young Blood” just feels flat. The lyrics are full of bad metaphors. “Days are ghosts,” according to Ellis-Bextor, going by unseen when she’s with her love. Well Sophie, if days are ghosts, wouldn’t that mean that your current life is devoid of energy, a shadow of your once good life? This is the first line of the song, and it already fails to establish its own theme.

While the song production can be somewhat impressive, even the “best” songs on the album (if you can call them that) are dragged down by her unimpressive vocal style.