Young Life reaches out with games event

Emily Dubec-Hunter, Staff Writer

Looking for somewhere to hang out with friends and just have fun? Young Life just might be your place. On Monday, Young Life, a non-denominational Christian ministry, will be hosting its own Olympics to recruit more participants.

“I just like being able to hang out with friends, and it’s kind of a place to go and have fun while learning about God,” said senior Lauren Dietl, a Young Life planning leader.

She and seniors Gregory Topp, Sam Edwards and Alex St. Pierre-Pesant have been meeting at Doubles Hoagies in Indian Harbour Beach to plan the event to draw in more students to the Young Life program at West Shore, and more importantly to the summer camp.

“The best way to think of how these Olympics are going to be is kind of like a Wildcat Challenge just without the brain bowl,” Dietl said. “There will be more outside activities. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Just make sure to wear clothes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.”

The event will be held at the St. James Place located at 595 Shady Lane in Melbourne.