Yearbook staff begins to wrap up 2011 edition

As they prepare to graduate, seniors on the Arcadia staff are completing the last few pages of the 2011 book, while the underclassmen have turned their attention to the 2012 yearbook.

“The bulk of the book, which is printed in Clarksville, Tenn., has been completed and the seniors are finishing up a 16-page supplement for this year’s book that covers activities through mid-April,” yearbook adviser Mark Schledorn said. “It’s printed locally and will be inserted into the books once they arrive.”

According to Schledorn, the books should arrive are scheduled to be distributed in early May.

“The last deadline for this year’s book was a couple weeks ago. From now on, we [the non-seniors of yearbook staff] get to pick themes and designs for the next book,” junior staff member Cayleigh Reeder said.
Reeder says the yearbook staff has set a goal for next year’s book to be the best book ever.

“It’ll be exciting, being a senior next year,” Reeder said. “Ultimately, the editors have power, but seniors get to make a lot of decisions. They have a say in things.”

By Morgan Miller