Yearbook cover to commemorate 20th anniversary

The 2019 edition of “Arcadia” yearbook will be getting a special cover to celebrate the school’s 20th anniversary.

“It’s very expensive, really, really cool cover,” said Isabella Serrano-Kuehnast, the yearbook’s managing and section editor. “I know the past couple of years we only had like, the theme name on our covers — like, last year was ‘Multiplicity’. However, this year, it is going to have a big ‘WS’ to represent West Shore and the colors we want to do on it. We want to create very strong colors to represent West Shore as a whole.”

The cover was designed primarily by senior Emma Conde-Remonsellez after a group of editors developed the theme during regular meetings at Barnes & Noble throughout the summer.

“Then the design we came up with, of course, costs a lot of money,” Serrano-Kuehnast said.

The exact amount the cover costs is currently unknown, but co-Editor in Chief Molly Luu said they sent their cover information to their yearbook consultant last week.

“As of right now, our yearbook consultant hasn’t sent us a price for our cover,” she said. “But if it’s true, what he says about all the additions we’re having to the cover and to the inside cover — then it will be pricey, but not impossible to cover. With all the ads [we’re selling] it’s doable.”

In order to subsidize the costs of the yearbook, all 34 members of Yearbook have to sell $400 each in advertising, bringing the total money garnered to nearly $20,000.

“We began selling our ads since the beginning of summer,” Luu said. “So we’re almost there to our goal to payoff for the covers.”

By Surina Venkat