Xbox Prom portrait sweeping web

Senior Ankur Mehindru has caught attention with his Prom portrait taken April 21–with his Xbox game console.

The photo, showing Mehindru standing under the portrait arch holding a standard white Xbox console instead of a date, has shown up on several different websites such as “,” “” and even the widely known blog for Comedy Central show, Tosh.0.

“It’s amazing how viral it’s gotten,” Mehindru said. “I was in shock. I didn’t even know about it. Other people had to tell me and I couldn’t believe it.”

Though Mehindru did come to the Prom with a human date, he decided to take a picture with his inanimate video game system.

“I wanted to get a formal prom picture like my mother asked,” Mehindru said. “But I would switch my date with the Xbox to annoy her.”

Many students have seen the photo either via social networking or their friends, but Mehindru doesn’t much notice the attention.

“It hasn’t really affected me much,” Mehindru said. “It’s cool and stuff but it will end in a couple days. Just a lot more people say ‘hi’ to me I guess.”

By Maegan Muir