Work on 2014 yearbook begins

Jenna Winter, Staff Writer

The work does not stop for yearbook after the yearbooks are sold and signed. During the summer, editors for the 2013-2014 year will be meeting during the annual publications camp on June 3-6. Working on next year’s book, senior and editor Monty Karas has formatted and designed a theme that she calls “A Delicate Balance,”

“During high school you have to be able to balance yourself,” Karas said, “I wanted to involve a high schooler’s personal life into a theme.”

Through out the yearbook camp attendees will plan page-by-page the yearbook and have every spread designed. That way staffers can come into publication class on the first day of  school and begin plugging in the information and photos.

“This summer should be better than last because we have more devoted people coming,” editor Erika Dietl said. “We should be able to get a lot done.”