Winter season tests crew endurance

Space Coast Crew’s winter season has started up, kicking it off with a Holiday Party where they wrapped up gifts and now they are working on building up their strength for the spring season which mainly focus’ on strength. Normally winter is a time for training mostly because the lakes up north would freeze over and it’s just a way to transition from fall races which are long and test cardio to the spring races which are short and test rowers’ strength.

The boys’ team does lifting and running on Mondays and Thursdays and erging and lifting on Tuesdays and Fridays. The girls’ team also does lifting and erging, and the lifting includes activities that simulate rowing. The girls’ varsity team lifts about 55 pounds and the novice team lifts 45 pounds.

“Personally, I enjoy lifting weights but I feel like the novice girls shouldn’t be doing such high weights yet, but I think as a whole the lifting is helping,” senior Anna King said.

Junior Jacob Lajeunesse said the workouts also benefit her. 

” I really enjoy the workouts we do which mostly focuses on the hips,” she said. “And usually I finish early I do extra lifts.”

After New Year’s, the teams will be practicing six days instead of five days to prepare for the upcoming spring season.

By Taeghan O’Neill