Wildcats work on their summer bodies

Now that the year is coming to the end and summer is on the horizon, some athletes are breaking out their running shoes and protein shakers.

“I’m working out with a program that Trey Plyer made me, and I’m going to be playing lacrosse five days a week starting next weeks. I’m probably going to start doing some light running on the weekends” sophomore Chris Johnson said. “I’m eating whatever I want I’m trying to put weight on. With lax every night, I’m going to start having to get up really early to work out.”

Working out is scientifically proven to reduce stress and make students effectively use their time. also working out increases sleep time.

“I’ve been hitting the gym three to four times a week working two core muscle in isolation each time and doing cardio another day. I’ve cut unnecessary carbs and sugars that weren’t helping me, and I’ve gone natural with most things,” freshman Asher Dorfman said. “I’ve started using a six-star whey protein powder and because of exercising, I’ve noticed I sleep better and more consistently.”

By Zane Sanders