Who will replace departing senior centerbacks?

Heading into next season the boys’ soccer team will be losing two key central defenders to graduation. The question is who will be able to step up and fill those spots for the next season. Junior Chase Hester said he isn’t too worried for the filling of those spots.

“I believe the soccer program here at West Shore has a very good way of developing players skills and bringing players to the next level,” Hester said. “I think that with Coach Bob [Robidoux] pushing us at practice and the talent we have stepping up from the JV team, we should be able to fill those spots with little to no problems.”

Although many are hopeful for the future, junior Cam Yuetter said he also realizes the loss of skill.

“I think with Brandon Benitez’s size and strength and Liam Wiles’s speed and strength we will definitely be losing a big part of our defense for next year,” Yuetter said. “I think the players coming up definitely have a challenge ahead with filling those spots but I also think it’s definitely possible for them to be successful. Everyone is just going to have to work really hard for each other and I think we will do good.”

By Cooper Stein