Warriors win draws mixed reactions

A battle of brothers during the NBA semifinals took place between Golden State’s Steph Curry and Portland’s Seth Curry. After sweeping the Portland Trailblazer with a 4-0, the Warriors will be making an appearance at the NBA finals. The game took place Monday and there were mixed reactions about their success.”

“I’m not surprised,” sophomore Julien Wakim said. “They’re the number one seed and have won the finals many times in the last few years. They’re also very stacked. I hope the Warriors win again to be honest because the Lakers didn’t make the playoffs this year and by the Lakers I mean Lebron.”

Sophomore Bennett Kent said he had hoped for a different outcome.

“Honestly I wish [Golden State] didn’t make it to the finals again,” he said. “It’s just so boring with the same thing over and over.” 

Kent said he’ll be pulling against them in the finals.

“I want the [Milwaukee] Bucks to win the semifinals and then go up against the Warriors,” Kent said. “I think It would be interesting to see how Giannis Antetokounmpo would do against them.”

By Mohammad Abdullah