Warm surf temps draw mixed reviews

Wetsuit season has yet to come for surfers in Brevard County as ocean temperatures have stayed warm into mid-November. Most years the water will start to get cold in the beginning of November or even late October, but that has not been the case this year.

“I like that the water has not gotten cold yet because then I don’t have to wear a wetsuit when I surf,” Trenton Burrows(10) said. “I prefer wearing regular board shorts  whereas in a wetsuit I am not as loose which causes me to not be as maneuverable when surfing.”

Gavin Zieglar(10) of Melbourne High school said he’s ready for cooler weather.

“I enjoy surfing in colder water because it makes me more alert and gets me pumped up to surf,” he said. “I’m hoping that the ocean will begin to get colder as soon as possible.”

Ocean temperatures have began to drop to the lower 70s or even upper 60s  in the northern part of the state such as beaches between St Augustine and Jacksonville. However, all of Brevard County’s coastline has remained in the upper 70s with little change in temperature during the past month.

By Ethan Wilder