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Wahlberg warms hearts in ‘Instant Family’

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Wahlberg warms hearts in ‘Instant Family’

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If you’re looking for a feel-good family movie this Thanksgiving season, “Instant Family” is a must-watch. The movie is well done and the emotional scenes, both happy and sad, are truly emotional.

Couple Pete and Ellie, played by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, decide to start a family and find themselves in the world of foster-care adoption. They end up adopting 15-year-old Lizzy, played by Isabella Moner, and two other kids by chance.

“I thought it was a great movie,” junior Sam Havkin said. “ I really liked it.”

The movie celebrates many aspects of family life and delivers a message of the importance of families. Wahlberg delivers a solid performance after his recent flops such as the new Transformers movies. “Instant Family” gives insight to the complexities of being a foster child and delivers many laughs as well as tears.

“It really made me feel emotional because I can relate to the life of a foster child,” sophomore Julien Wakim said. “ I mean, I’m not actually adopted or anything, but if I was I would probably relate to this movie more.”

By Riley Wilkins

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Wahlberg warms hearts in ‘Instant Family’