Varsity triumphs in scrimmage against JV

In preparation for the first girls’ basketball game of the season, the junior varsity and varsity teams had their annual blue and white scrimmage this week. With the victorious varsity team in white and the defeated JV team in blue, the girls were able to realize what they needed to work on before Thursday’s home-opener against Vero Beach Master’s Academy.

“There’s definitely room for improvement, but I think we started coming together in the end,” junior Kayla Garoust said. “I need to work on attacking the basket more, and as a team we need to be more precise and patient.”

The JV team includes three freshmen and 10 middle-schoolers, so the team has little experience at the JV level with only three returning players.

“I think we did all right,” freshman Ashton Braid said. “We still have a lot to work on before the season starts. We have a lot of young players who are starting their first year on JV so as the year goes on we will improve. Our team definitely needs to work on offense before the season starts.”

By Erin O’Brien