Varsity cheer meets fund-raising goal for new uniforms

Varsity cheer coach Kaitlyn Hoskins and her team have been fund-raising for the past five months, finally acquiring the $4,600 needed to purchase new uniforms for the upcoming season.

“We have done one fund-raiser a month,” Hoskins said. “In June we got sponsorships from businesses, in July we did a car wash, in August we sold spirit tee shirts at registration, in September we sold popcorn, in October we had a bake sale at Texas Roadhouse and November, we are doing a mini Wildcat camp.”

Varsity captain Madi Coalter said her team’s success is the result of good planning.

“The fund-raisers that we have chosen to do this season have been pretty entertaining and fun,” the senior said. “Texas Roadhouse was a great time. We got to eat food at a good restaurant and also be supporting our team.”

Coalter said the fund-raisers provided an opportunity for team team bonding outside of cheer.

“The basketball team actually came out which was really nice,” she said. “The coaches came, which I think was helpful. We are trying to connect the team more this year.” 

Chloe Marrs