Valentines prepare as holiday nears


As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, students look forward to traditions and start to make preparations. Junior Garrett Martin said he enjoys the holiday because of the memories he has made with his family.

“Growing up, my mom used to always get me gifts on Valentine’s Day,” Martin said. “I remember one time I got a snake, which was pretty epic, and I also got a lightsaber so that was really cool.” 

Sophomore Christian Rebec said he enjoys the holiday for the energy that it brings.

“It’s a very romantic time, and it gives off a very peaceful aura,” Rebec said.

While the holiday is mostly focused on couples in a relationship, Martin said he finds it difficult to maintain relationships while in high school.

“I think high school relationships really depend on the people,” Martin said. “Some people are just trying to date around and get with as many people as possible, and other people are looking for longterm stuff.”

Both Rebec and Martin agree that good communication skills are necessary in a longterm relationship.

“[Relationships] can be successful through proper communication and loyalty, staying true to each other, and not cheating or flirting with anyone else,” Rebec said.

Rebec said he has been thinking about making plans for Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend.

“I plan on celebrating with a nice heart-shaped box of chocolates with some nice roses, and just give them to her and have a nice dinner,” Rebec said.

By Chloe Garoust