Valentine flower sale starts Feb. 9

Beta Club and Key Club will be selling Valentine’s Day flower grams for $1.25 each in the cafeteria during lunch from Feb. 9 to Feb. 12. They will be delivered on Feb. 13.

“The Valentine’s Day flower-gram fund-raiser is a yearly ordeal where students can send a rose along with a message to someone special, which I think is a really neat tradition,” Beta Club Vice President and Key Club Secretary Malika Shahzad said. “It’s a nice way to spread a little love to others.”

Students can personalize the flower-grams as well.

“It comes with a little note from whoever sends it,” Beta Club sponsor Cindy Farrington said.

Proceeds will not only benefit Beta and Key clubs, but they will help beautify the school.

“The money raised will be put towards beautifying the school grounds, so it is a way of showing love to the school as well,” Shahzad said.

By Lonyee Eng