Universal Studios decorates for Christmas

Even though Christmas is still more than a month away, Universal Studios Orlando is already setting up decorations. Both Universal Studios and Island of Adventures will open holiday shows Saturday.

Festivities include Harry Potter-themed lands for Christmas as well as a return of seasonal drinks.

“It feels really cozy there. They have a lot of traditional decorations and decorations from the [Harry Potter] films,” sophomore Nicholas Schroeder said. “They also have a show on the Hogwarts castle that they project lights on. It’s really cool.”

Along with the decorations in Diagon Ally and Hogsmead, Universal also has decorated Seuss Landing in Islands of Adventure.

“The decorations by [Suess Landing] have a different feel, but they’re also very cool,” Schroeder said. “The Ginchmas show is also very neat. They do a nice job with the songs and costume design of the whole play.”

The Christmas decorations will be up until Jan. 2, with the Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s going on throughout the entire time.

By Ian Giguere