Tumbling classes boost cheerleaders

Members of the cheerleading team have the opportunity to take tumbling classes at the Extreme All Stars Cheer and Dance. Anyone who is on the cheer team can take tumbling classes once a week on Tuesdays for $35 a month. Cheerleaders who attend the class have an opportunity to advance their skills,” according to sophomore Sophia Pliego.

“I love the feeling of flying through the air, such as when I do my standing tuck,” she said. “It reminds me of when I used to be a competitive cheerleader.”

Sophomore Katelyn Curtis also attends the tumbling class.

“It’s a really good workout for all parts of my body,” she said. “It also helps me with my coordination and balance that is used in cheer.”

Senior McKenzie Curtis, who does not go to the optional tumbling classes, said she is at a disadvantage compared to the other cheerleaders who do attend.

“I don’t go because I won’t need those skills for anything in my future,” Curtis said. “But cheerleaders who do go to the classes are able to be more bodily aware than those who don’t go.”

Attending the tumbling class helped the cheerleaders prepare to cheer at the first basketball game Monday.

By Trinity Stivers