Tuesday marks senior paper deadline

After many components of the Senior Paper have been collected, the final paper is due Tuesday.

“It feels great to be done,” senior Tyler Moscrip said. “It lifts a large amount of stress off my back, and now I can get more sleep. I feel so relieved.”

Senior seminar teacher Amanda Kopp said she is pleased the papers are complete.

“I am extremely proud of them for finishing such a task,” Kopp said. “Writing papers is just one of the many ways they have honed their research and writing skills. These are skills that are crucial for college and for the rest of their lives. My hope for the students is that they remember these skills and use and apply them, as they need.”

Kopp said the final papers reflect a process that involves a great deal of work.

“Every adult that has had to write a dissertation knows how much time, effort, headaches, late nights and long hours it takes to finish the dissertation, let alone edit and rework to the point that he/she is proud of the finished product,” Kopp said. “The senior paper is essentially a dissertation on a smaller scale.”

By Erin Sheridan