Tryouts timing disrupts schedules

Just like testing season, tryout season has begun, with many Brevard County soccer clubs holding tryouts. Clubs such as Space Coast, Indialantic, Beachside Impact and FC Prime are programs in Melbourne that have been holding their tryouts however, the timing has caused student-athletes stress and troubles.

“Tryouts landed days before one of our biggest tournaments of the year, State Cup,” freshman Emily Tizol said. “The timing couldn’t be worse because with people leaving the team a lot of drama was caused just before big games.”

As teams are entering the ends of their seasons, they’re going into some of their biggest tournaments. This is a time when teams need to be more unified than ever before and with tryouts being held and teams changing before one season ends, many problems are occurring.

“There’s quite a bit of tension on my team because of tryouts,” junior Lena Hatter said. “There are five girls leaving our team next season, and it’s made things awkward for many of the players and our coach.”

Not only does the timing of tryouts cause problems on the field, but it’s causing some problems in the classroom as well.

“Since tryouts are during testing season, it only stresses me out more,” sophomore Anna Becker said. “My [AP Environmental Science] test is on the same day as my teams tryouts and it could make me late so now, on an already stressful day, I have something else to worry about.”

By Madison Ainbinder