Travel team falls out of State Cup

As many teams traveled the state this past weekend to play in the first round of Florida state cup tournament, juniors Kishan Ghayal and Dylan O’Brien’s team was eliminated after losing 2-0 in Palm Coast.

“It’s really hard being kicked out of state cup so early in the tournament,” Ghayal said. “I think part of our misfortune was due to the fact that we are a brand new team. It’s our first season playing together, so we don’t have a lot of team chemistry.”

Ghayal said he hopes the team can grow more and play better together as the season progresses.

“We could have done so much better,” O’Brien said. “We have a lot of good players on the team with a lot of potential so the outcome of our game could have been different if we just stepped up our game. Now we will just have to make up for it in our league games.”

O’Brien added that there will be seniors graduating after this season so the team will need to gain some skillful players to fill in and create a positive outcome for their upcoming seasons.

By Fallon Klenotich