Track teams earn academic award

West Shore’s track and field teams had a successful season on and off the field. The two  teams recently received the Florida High School Athletic Association’s State Academic Team Champion Award for Class 3A. The award is given to the teams that have the highest collective grade-point average. The boys’ team obtained a 3.5 GPA and the girls’ team obtained a 3.6 GPA.

Sophomore Maddie McCluskey was not surprised when she heard the news.

“Overall our teams have very studious members,” McCluskey said. “I am not surprised that we received this award, because as a team we continually try to do our hardest whether it is competing in meets or keeping up with school.”

Sophomore Kenzie Scott said she was proud of her teammates.

“Sometimes it can be hard juggling sports and schoolwork at the same time, so I am proud that we were able to show that we could do both,” Scott said. “It’s exciting to see that all our hard work paid off.”

By Rachel Stazzone