Track star joins corporate team

Team Running Zone recently added a new runner to its squad: junior Luke Redito. A West Shore cross country and track runner, Redito received the opportunity to run for Team Running Zone in downtown Melbourne at a course “considered one of the hardest courses in Brevard,” Redito said. The course features a difficult up-and-down run over the Melbourne Causeway.

Redito, a sales associate at Running Zone walking and running speciality store, was approached to join when the team was short a runner. As the youngest member of Team Running Zone, he made the most of his opportunity.

“I finished second on the team and fifth overall out of 1,400 runners,” he said.

Redito also achieved a personal record of 16:51 in the 5K, which is equivalent to 3.1 miles. He plans to run the 5K again, this time on a flat track.

Redito said enjoys the competition during the off-season as it helps him prepare for the West Shore track season. While proud to have the privilege for running for Team Running Zone, he said he wouldn’t replace it for running for West Shore.

“Both have their ups and downs, and I do like being a member of Team Running Zone, but I love representing my school,” he said.

By Dave Foster