Track meet at Viera rained out

Soaked from a mid afternoon rain, the boys’ track team leaves the Viera meet to return home. Coaches and athletes were eager for the second meet of the season Monday. Rain came shortly after the first race to put in end to their eagerness.

“I was disappointed that the meet had to end but now I have more time to practice,” freshman Noah Majeed said.  “At our meet against Palm Bay, we didn’t do so hot.”

At that Feb. 21 season-opener, the team scored 9 points in total.

“I didn’t do as well as I wanted to,” senior Jacob Smithe said. “But it was only the first meet so we have plenty of time to get our act together.”

The track team plans to train hard at practice in hope of beating Eau Gallie on Wednesday.

“Overall we’ve been doing OK at the events, but there is a lot of room for improvements throughout the whole team,” freshman Braden Schopke said. “Now that we have stopped our pre-season conditioning we need to start focusing on our individual events.”

Head Coach Tony Riopelle said he has faith in his team to turn the season around.

“The meet against Palm Bay went well in each event,” he said. “We just need to work harder and everything will come together.”

By Kaley Schaefer