Timberlake nails Super Bowl halftime show


Lorie Shaull/creative commons

Justin Timberlake performs in front of a project of Prince at the Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 4.

Justin Timberlake did not suck during the Super Bowl LII halftime show Sunday. In fact, he did fantastic despite incredibly low expectations.

Timberlake optimized this opportunity to recover from the “wardrobe malfunction” performance 14 years ago ago, with an electric and emotional show that paired along nicely with the game, which was an emotional rollercoaster itself.

The first thing that hit the viewer is the intricacy of the choreography as with each song change the entire theme of his performances. So in addition to changing the visuals and dancers, he completely switched the dance number too, and with 100 million Americans watching, he executed this task perfectly.

Timberlake’s impeccable song selection created a story that manipulated the viewers’ emotions for the full 15 minutes. He began by energizing the audience with the funky “Rock Your Body,” and maintained this light-hearted, feel-good atmosphere with songs such as “SexyBack,” until the end of “Suit and Tie,” when the band ended its note in a decrescendo and Timberlake began to create a somber, reminiscent tone with “Mirrors,” before singing the late Prince’s “I Will Die for You,” as he honored the late artist with a towering projection of the purple one behind him.

Timberlake ended the performance on a high-note, rejuvenating his audience with one of his loudest, most colorful numbers of the night, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” Despite the controversy and past track record, Timberlake has had with the Super Bowl, he did spectacular by utilizing a plethora of visuals, audio systems and dance numbers, making this one of the most energizing and entertaining Super Bowl performances of the past two decades.