Three sophomores celebrate turning 4

Maddie Dimond, Staff Writer

Sophomores Jenna Forry, Krishna Davda and David Almeida talk about being born on Feb. 29 and how people sometimes leap to conclusions regarding their birthday celebrations.

Q: How do people generally react when they find out you were born on Feb. 29?

Forry: I haven’t gotten a stupid question yet, but people really don’t seem to understand how leap year works. My friends think that I really am 4, which is bad.

Almeida: Some people hear my birthday and go “so wait, you’re only 5?” and get this confused look on their face. I started to avoid telling people my birthday after a while.

Davda: My friends tease me a lot for it. They really think my birthday and age is funny.

Q: When do you usually celebrate your birthday on non leap years?

Davda: I celebrate it on the 28th.

Almeida: I usually celebrate it on the 28th, but if something is going on that day, then I will celebrate March 1. I guess it depends on what I am doing that year.

Forry: When I was little I couldn’t decide between the 28th or March 1, so I celebrate it on both. It is pretty cool to have two birthdays.

Q: Are the birthdays that land on leap year more special?

Davda: I only get to celebrate my real birthday once every four years. It is pretty special to me to actually get to celebrate my real birthday

Forry: It feels really nice to have an actual birthday to celebrate.

Almeida: It used to be really important to me in elementary school, but it really isn’t important now. It probably should be, but it isn’t. I just think it is cool that my 16th birthday landed on my actual birthday.

Q: What are you doing to celebrate your birthday?

Almeida: My parents have been asking me that for a month, but I haven’t really thought much about it. I’m still no sure what I am doing tonight.

Forry: I did all my homework last night so I wouldn’t have to do it today. I plan on just relaxing tonight, which is something I don’t usually get a chance to do.

Davda: I had a birthday party last weekend, which was fun. I’ll probably go out to dinner tonight with my family.

Q: How does it feel to be 4?

Almeida: I was sick of being 3 for three straight years. I’m hoping that maybe since I am 4 now that I can get a little respect.

Davda: It feels so great to be 4. I’ve been 3 for a bit too long.

Forry: I really don’t feel much older, but maybe as time goes on I will. All I know is that 4 is already better than being 3.

Q: When does your birthday come in handy?

Almeida: Whenever my mom wants me to do something instead of my little sister, she always says that I need to do it because I am older. I always look at her and point out that technically I am only 4, so she is older.

Forry: I celebrate my birthday on both March 1st and Feb 28, so I usually get two birthdays each year.