Thespians transition to competition mode

Now that the theater department has wrapped up with its latest play “Oliver!,” its members are in jumping into their next project as they begin preparing for their Thespian competition.

“Thespian is where the troupe performs in different events like a small group musical and get ratings on them,” senior Catherine Tenbusch said.

The competition allows for high school theater clubs to come together and focus on the things they love to do the most. This event will be taking place between Nov. 30 and Dec. 2

“We have to jump right into rehearsing for the competition because we only have a month to prepare,” Tenbusch said.

 And that means lots of rehearsals.

 “The practice schedule will depend on the different event you are participating in,” freshman Andrea Cumba said. “For example, if your doing a monologue, it’s more of an independent practice, while if you were working with a small or large group you would work it out with them when you’ll practice.”

By Stephanie Gaulin