Thespians send off their seniors

Every year, to say goodbye to the senior thespians, the school’s theater troupe hosts the Senior Sendoff. 

“Senior sendoff is a comedic skit where we roast the seniors,” Natasha Mozdzen.

Younger thespians are chosen by the group to perform a skit mocking the seniors as a kind of goodbye.

“Some of the main characters included Rudy Larkin as Evan Courtney, Christian Lutz as Dylan O’Bryan and Madi Newcombe as Mady Anderson,” Mozdzen said.

Anderson said the May 11 performances were superior to last year’s.

“It was so much better than ours last year, they totally one-upped us,” Anderson said. “It was so awesome.

“It was funny because I was kind of worried that I might get offended by some of the stuff,” she said. “But I wasn’t offended at all. It was so cute. It was so funny.”

Seniors didn’t know in advance who would be playing, but Anderson had pretty good idea as to who she was going to see.

“I had a feeling that Madi Newcombe was going to play me just for the fact that we were both named Madi,” she said. “I also thought that, maybe, they would have one of the guys play me because I’m so tall. I don’t know why, but Madi Newcombe was really good. I wouldn’t change that.”

By Lindsey Hill