Thespians prepare for ‘South Pacific’

The drama department will present the classic musical “South Pacific” on Friday and Saturday in the school auditorium, but freshman Matt Kish remains anxious about opening night.

“I feel we aren’t prepared for it at all, as we can’t have practice next weekend and no one has their lines memorized. It’s a little overwhelming with the few practices we’ve had,” Kish said. “I’m a little nervous that the play will be a disaster, but I’m sure we’ll pull it off because we always do.”

Freshman Ethan Rebec agreed with Kish that cast has not practiced enough because many attended the state thespian festival during the weekend.

“I am very exited to do ‘South Pacific,’” Rebac said. “I wish we would have been able to have more practice, but we couldn’t because we had states last week. Then when we got back from states we go straight into tech week. Every show it feels like we put it together at the last minute, but the shows are always great.”

Freshman Genevieve Archibald feels prepared as an individual, but worries about other thespians.

”I feel very prepared, I practice my lines every night and have them all memorized. Theater is a huge passion of mine and I am so exited to perform Friday and Saturday,” Archibald said. “I am a little worried about some of the other thespians who aren’t practicing their lines as much as they should. However I believe the show will be a success, because it always is.”

By Grace Kirschner