Thespians gear up for state competition

Members of the school’s Theater Troupe 6034 have qualified for state based on its performance in a December competition. Held in Tampa, the State Thespian competition is scheduled to take place March 14-17. Members will be performing in events including pantomime, group musical and duet acting. In addition, they will attend various workshops.

“I’m most excited for the large-group performance as well as the pantomime because we received great scores in both back in December,” freshman Christian Lutz said. “So I’m excited to see if we are just as successful again.”

A pantomime which is a fan favorite to be a part of during thespian competition is when you act out a scene without words, only expression and sometimes music.

“I’ll be performing in the pantomime event, as well as taking part in many workshops,” senior Jerry Sola said. “But I’m probably most excited to see my other thespian friends who are coming from all over the state.”

By Stephanie Gaulin